Marshmallow Hearts

The world is big and wonderful, We’re thrilled to let it in; With sparkling eyes, we trust it all And greet it with a grin. We’re sweet and squishy when we start; We’re born with marshmallow hearts.   But some are harsh and dangerous, And the innocent can’t discern; We draw both friends and foes... Continue Reading →


Voted Most Likely Tag!

This is gonna be fun. My awesome blogger-friend Kinsey tagged me weeks ago, but things have been crazy, so I'm only just now getting around to doing this. So get ready for the Voted Most Likely Tag! Here are the rules, copied from Kinsey's blog because she's great. Rule One: thank the blogger who tagged... Continue Reading →

Your Prince is Your Dragon.

I.     I cradle a perfect strawberry in my imperfect hands. So smooth—not enough work. So scarred—not enough control. Outside my door, I hear the familiar chorus of “Your Majesty!” ring out like a fire alarm. My muscles tense to stand, but slacken as the voices sweep past and fade away. They call for... Continue Reading →

Flickers: Chapter 11

THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER. I FINISHED THIS STORY. Flickers is the second story I've ever finished, y'all. I am extremely proud. I like this chapter a whole lot, because my characters finally get a tiny sliver of peace at the end of everything I've put them through. I try to never break my characters so... Continue Reading →

Flickers: Chapter 10

Remember that thing I said about hating Elliott, and how he was the worst person in the universe? I've gotta take it back. *sigh* *     *     *     *     * Chapter 10: Elliott     It’s deathly silent in the hallway.     I know this memory, so I know that can’t be right. A churning... Continue Reading →

Flickers: Chapter 9

In which Elliott is certifiably the worst person in the universe. I'm sure of it. We're so close, though, y'all! This is chapter 9 out of 11! I don't know what I'm going to do with my life once I finish this, haha. Start a new story, I guess. Wish me luck on that. But... Continue Reading →

Flickers: Chapter 8

Hey! Sorry for missing last week. College applications came due, so I had bigger things on my plate. But I'm back now, with the eighth chapter. Enjoy! (Man, I sound like a waiter.) (Whatever.) *      *     *     *     * Chapter 8: Elliott     It’s objectively dark and quiet when I wake... Continue Reading →


I'M GOING TO HAITI. Yeah, that's quite a way to start a post. But that's how I started my day today--stumbled downstairs, checked my phone, and saw a message from my youth pastor that I'd been approved for the trip. And, y'all. I'M GOING TO HAITI. The details: 7 or 8 students from my youth... Continue Reading →

Flickers: Chapter 7

This is probably the third time I’ve said it, but this is one of my absolute favorite chapters. So you might want to be a little concerned for my poor characters. 🙂 A word of warning, though: this chapter shows a character losing touch with reality, so if you’re uncomfortable with that sort of thing,... Continue Reading →

Ebenezer (No, Not Like Scrooge!)

I have a lot to write, y'all. I don't mean that there's a lot on my plate--though that's certainly the case, too. I have so much inspiration for the rest of Flickers. I'm thrilled to do the Liebster tag this weekend, (thanks so much, Kinsey!). Not to mention that I have a million college essays... Continue Reading →

Flickers: Chapter 6

I'm not gonna lie; I really like this chapter, too. And I think I've made some progress with Elliott's character development in it, too. So hopefully y'all hate him less. 😉 Oh, and here's a fun fact. When I was writing Chapter 1, I had no idea where this crazy story was going to go. I... Continue Reading →

Flickers: Chapter 5

This is one of my favorite chapters, y'all. And just a heads-up, I refuse to apologize for anything. 🙂 Enjoy! *      *     *     *     * Chapter 5: Fae I love traveling by sky-rail. The tracks are built into the underside of the radiation dome, so you get a view of the... Continue Reading →

Flickers: Chapter 4

A new Tuesday, a new post! Hope you enjoy. *     *     *     *     * Chapter 4: Elliott     “Look, we can’t jump to conclusions—”     “Did you even process what we just saw?” Chloe makes a sharp turn into my apartment complex’s parking garage, and I’m nearly thrown from the motorcycle. “Fae Kim... Continue Reading →

Eclipse Tag!

Happy Saturday, everybody! I've been tagged again, and I'm so excited to get into it. But first, everybody give it up for the amazing, artistic, talented, creative, fairly local... KINSEY! And go check out her blog, Over the Withers. You'll be glad you did. Anyway, she tagged me for the Eclipse tag. (a thousand thank-you's). So... Continue Reading →

Flickers: Chapter 3

Yay! The latest chapter's out! I'll try for weekly postings, but I can't guarantee anything. Thanks so much for sticking around and staying tuned, though, y'all! Theories so far include pretty much every character, as well as accidental poisoning from poorly prepared pufferfish. (Thanks, dad. Your input is an inspiration to us all.) So yeah,... Continue Reading →

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