A New Strategy

     Levy can’t find his newest friend. When she freaked out and ran away, he chased her as fast as he could—well, as soon as he could get away from the Aunts, that is. But she was already gone by then, and now he’s standing alone on the sidewalk in a neighborhood he doesn’t even know... Continue Reading →

For Science!

     “Lemon, darling dearest?”      “Hm?” She barely looks up from her frantic scribbling. Unkempt strands of neon orange hair cling to her sweaty forehead, and her hands are stained blue with some mysterious chemical. Judging by the sheer variety of sprawling equipment all around her, it would be a rather herculaean task to pinpoint which bubbing... Continue Reading →

Just A Hunch

      “The city is moving again,” Siobhan announces, bursting into the office and flopping into her favorite chair. The air smells like mildew and strong coffee, and it’s as cold as an arctic wilderness. An oasis of chill in the sweltering August heat.      “The city is always moving.” Her partner, Lucian Wray, doesn’t look up from... Continue Reading →


     “Welcome to Witches’ Brew,” Ocean mumbles, still focused on scribbling down the last customer’s ridiculously complicated order. “Herbal add-ins are half off today, and true charm shots will be two for one this weekend.”      “Ooh, good to know, thanks.”      When Ocean glances up, she finds to her inexpressible relief that she recognizes the gangly, pink-haired... Continue Reading →

The Professor

     Dr. Warren Renwick could tell a thousand stories. His dedication to astronomy, to science, to understanding the world around him, that didn’t come out of nowhere. He scars underneath his long coats, they didn’t just appear on his skin. The inexpressible tiredness in his eyes and the indefatigable wonder in his heart both have their... Continue Reading →

His Lodestones

     Manuel has been everywhere. He must’ve had roots at some point, he supposes, but they’ve never really held him down. His whole life can fit in a duffel bag in the back of his battered VW van, and his intricately carved guitar is the only compass he needs. He’s a troubadour, a traveling bard, and... Continue Reading →

Interlude on Humanity

     Lemon remembers her first human.       He was a bright, sparkly, charming boy, back when she was a bright, sparkly, charming girl. They flirted. Joked. Skateboarded. Ate way too much pizza. Stayed out way too late. All the usual things teenagers do when they’re dancing around the edges of falling in love.      The boy never said... Continue Reading →

The Wendigo

(Content warning: this one is slightly spooky, in the true spirit of October. And of stories about wendigoes, incidentally. But I think it has a lot of beauty and hope to it, too. So if you choose to read this, please do so carefully and wisely. Because ultimately, you know yourself best!)  *     ... Continue Reading →


“I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” The physicist chuckles. His eyes are empty, his cheeks are hollow. “That’s how they remember me. Six feet tall and 115 pounds, the haunted genius behind the bomb. Never mind that I didn’t do much of the actual science. Never mind that I still told them to... Continue Reading →

The Aestival City Radio Monologues

     “Good evening, Aestival City. Today is the twenty-third of August, for the fleeting few minutes we have left of it. On the western horizon, the setting sun shimmers like a heat mirage, slipping low as it sets the sky around it on fire. Its rays are a sort of magick in the evening. But that... Continue Reading →


Night One      You know those moments where it just feels like everything is coming together? When the disparate strands of the past all connect and weave into a tapestry of comprehension that would probably be dazzling if it didn’t feel so completely and thoroughly right? It’s the glorious feeling of unraveling a particularly tangled case,... Continue Reading →

Nahko’s Starship

When I see the first shooting star, I’m working. Back when Grandmother was alive, she’d always tell me about the life in every corner of the universe. Tiny glimmers of floating space dust disintegrate into hydrogen, which congeals into the burning core of every star in the sky. In turn, that starlight sparks life in... Continue Reading →


I had dinner with Apollo the other night. And… he was great, I guess. He played a few songs for the whole party on his old celestial guitar; sat down with one group to discuss poetry, prophecy, every form of art; healed a girl’s broken ankle with a few whispered words; talked to me for... Continue Reading →

At Universe’s End

Famine.       The first contact event starts off normal.      The H.M.S. Darkhorse’s speakers crackle to life with the ringing, sonorous tones of an otherworldly language, and strange symbols flash across an array of plasma screens. Beyond the ship’s panoramic windows, an unidentified craft hangs motionless against a scintillating splash of stars. And a holographically... Continue Reading →

The 7/11 at the End of the World

     I was eating frozen yogurt when the power first went out. It happens sometimes; winds get high in desert towns. So I just laughed, finished up my sundae, and offered the shopkeep my best wishes for getting his generator running. In return, he wished me luck with my band. I told him it was more... Continue Reading →

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