INFINITE: Chapter 15

Author's Note:  Thank you guys so much for hanging on for this wild ride! I have two pieces of news to share today. First off, summer is crazy, and I haven't had nearly as much time for Eli as I should've. So I'm gonna have to slow the pace back down to one chapter per... Continue Reading →


INFINITE: Chapter 14

14. Sanctuary     Hey, I feel like I probably should’ve said this earlier, but just a general PSA: don’t try any of this at home, kids. I have made maybe three good choices in my entire life. And I don’t think you’ve read about any of them so far. So just… don’t do as I say,... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 13

13. Time For A Daring Escape, or Something Like That       After a solid ten minutes of staring into the sink, I felt pretty certain that I was done puking. I had about eighteen different plans already, none of which were good. But across all possibilities, I consistently needed three things: a way to find Nemesis,... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 12

12. But I Don’t WANNA     A team of doctors and security officers appeared out of nowhere and hurried me into the back of an official-looking van. Moriah took the seat across from me, looking almost regretful. “We’re going to take care of you, Eli. I promise. Everything’s gonna be okay.”     I didn’t respond. But seriously,... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 11

11. Implosion     I needed nicotine.     My hands shook. My head pounded. My chest ached. I sank onto my knees in the holding cell and pressed my palms onto either side of my head. I couldn’t panic. Not now. Deep breaths, Elijah, in and out, 4 and 8. You’re going to be okay.     Nemesis. Lin was... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 10

A.N.   We're about halfway there!!! YAY!!!   *     *     *     *     *   10. In Case You Forgot, the Plan Really is Terrible.       The hubbub of the police station grabbed my memories around the throat and wrenched them into the forefront of my consciousness. The murmur of terse voices, the... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 9

9. The Tipping Point       I didn’t wake up screaming, which I guessed was a plus. But actually, the alternative was worse. I woke up whimpering. Crying. And someone was stroking my hair through it all, like I was some pathetic kid at his first summer camp away from home.     “Eli,” Lin murmured. “It’s time... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 8

A.N. Spoiler alert... I like this one.   *     *     *     *     *   8. All the Time in the World to Chat     Raj had a nice little wooden porch behind his house, a tiny bit of free space to breathe in the crowded city. Potted plants dotted the edges, no doubt... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 7

7. Time For a Terrible Plan!       It was getting cold by the time I arrived at Beckett Raj’s doorstep. I hammered on the door with a frozen fist and pulled my coat tighter around me, trying not to shiver. Finally, the door swung open to reveal… nobody?     I looked down. Ah, there she was,... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 6

Another author's note:       Well, it looks like we're doing this thing! Two chapters a week for the next six or so weeks. Hold on to your seatbelts, dear readers, because we're about to sprint through the most convolutedly plotted plot I've ever plotted before, haha. (Though, given my general disregard for that sort... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 5

Hey, time for an author's note. We're now five weeks in, which is really really exciting! Thanks for sticking it out with this story, it really means a lot. The thing about Infinite is, though... it's turning out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be. I'm estimating around 20 chapters. And... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 4

4. So Now the Sky is on Fire (And It’s Not My Fault.)     By the time I finally reached the rural outskirts of town, the sunrise was clawing its way over the horizon with those famous rose-colored fingertips. (Yes, I’ve read Homer. Just because I’m an idiot hobo detective doesn’t mean that I’m an illiterate... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 3

3. Ashes, Ashes...       The last few shafts of sun had just disappeared from the horizon, which could mean one thing and one thing only. Time to explore the creepy, burned-down mental hospital! Truly, this investigation was off to a rip-roaring start of impeccable ideas and flawless teamwork. And it would only go uphill from... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 2

2. The Worst Case Yet       I’d gotten two hours of sleep, and I was ready to roll. And by ‘roll’, I mean ‘lounge in the kitchen wearing a ratty t-shirt and rattier sweatpants, scrambling eggs and drinking vodka straight from the bottle’. All things considered, it was a fairly typical Saturday morning for me.... Continue Reading →

INFINITE: Chapter 1

1. Night One The first thing you need to know about that night is that I was minding my own business, thank you very much. (The second thing is that I mostly tell the truth.) It was… I think it was a Friday. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was. It happened around one AM, about... Continue Reading →

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